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  1. This is the astrological sign most likely to fall in love in 2018, according to Susan Miller
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Also, the Sun will send a lovely signal to both Saturn and Neptune. This would be a great day to make a promise that you hope will be in place for a long time. I say this fully mindful that Mercury will still be retrograde until November 20, so hopefully, the promise you make is a little one, not one that is overly serious and legally binding.

For that, I would wait until next month, December 15, when Jupiter and Uranus will be in sync, which is a gorgeous aspect. Going back to my spotlight on November 8, I also love this day for working on creative expressions or showing others what you have achieved. This also will be a magical date night, and because it falls on a Friday, you will be in the right frame of mind to enjoy romance, too.

Usually, I would love November 24, when Venus conjoins Jupiter, a rare and glowing aspect that happens once a year. However, on this same day, Mars will directly and tightly oppose Uranus, rattling people around you—and possibly you, too. You or others may act a little reckless, outspoken, and aggressive. As you see, here you have a day, November 24, with one fabulous aspect Venus conjunct Jupiter but also one bad one Mars opposite Uranus , so I cannot recommend it for major actions.

Your ruler Mars will create volatility when directly opposed to Uranus. Still, when it comes to your career, things will be fantastically good.

This is the astrological sign most likely to fall in love in 2018, according to Susan Miller

Actually, a raise or extra money may come through on or very near November As you see, you may receive good news on this day in one part of your life, and not so good news in another. The new moon in Sagittarius at four degrees will arrive on November 26, influencing the ten days that follow that date. After any new moon, the changes you put into place can work well for an entire year or more. Saturn will be especially friendly and add long-term stability to your career, so any gains you make will be long-lasting—VIPs will be impressed and remember them. The new moon will fall in your ninth house of distant travel, so it appears you may be preparing for a trip to the airport.

Immigration matters will be under superb rays, too. If you have any actions to take regarding academia, plan to make your appointment after the November 26 new moon. In the United States, we have Thanksgiving on November 28, as it falls very late this year, giving remarkably fewer days than usual for holiday shopping. Thanksgiving itself will be fantastic, for Jupiter will conjunct the moon, and Venus will be beautifully angled to Uranus, which is a cool, flirtatious, romantic vibration for those attached or seriously dating.

Even if you are not with someone now, Venus will make sure you have fun with friends.

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Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, will leave fire-sign Sagittarius next month on December 2, when it enters Capricorn for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter has been in Sagittarius a full year, but alas, now he is about to depart. Not since have we seen Jupiter in Capricorn, and before that, This change will have a significant effect on your career, inspiring enormous growth until Jupiter leaves Capricorn a year from now, on December 19, This is doubly true if you were an Aries born April , for the golden rays of Jupiter are precise and perfectly directed to your birthday Sun.

You are under a shower of outstandingly harmonious rays, dear Aries. Take full advantage! The new moon will be helpful to those Aries born March 26, plus or minus four days. If you have natal planets at four degrees or 29 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, then this month, you will be generously helped by a loving universe. If there is something you dearly want, act on that on that desire at or in the days following the November 26 new moon.

Aries 2019 – 2020 Astrology Annual Forecast

Neptune will go direct on November 27 and may clear up a mystery in the days surrounding that date. Saturn has been working with Neptune all year, helping the artistic, creative Aries to become recognized for his or her artistic contributions. Now that Neptune is stronger, you may see a breakthrough in your creative, personal, or romantic life. As you see, despite a few delays this month, you have so much going for you, dear Aries! You will like November better than you did October, I promise! As November begins, you appear to be determined to increase your salary. Be careful, for due to a difficult new moon that occurred late last month in your salary sector, management seems sensitive about this subject and may overreact when you present your case.

If you border on becoming strident, your efforts may backfire. Mercury will be retrograde from the start of the month until November 20, suggesting your strategy will need to be tweaked. With time for quiet thinking, you can more effectively present the justification for your raise as you near the full moon in your salary sector on November Later in the month, November 22, the Sun will move into Sagittarius, and life will seem smoother and easier to navigate.

As said, Mercury will be direct by then, too—by November Over the weekend of November , profit-minded Venus will receive supportive beams from lucky Jupiter—a fabulous aspect for increasing your income.

Susan Miller Horoscope for December 2018: Aries and Taurus

Have financial talks on November 22 or November 25 to receive most of what you want. The problem is, Mars will oppose Uranus, which is an unpredictable vibration that could cause emotional outbursts. This might give you an unexpected expense, which will only fuel your desire to secure that raise. You will gain greater control once you reach November 18 when your ruler Mars leaves Libra and enters Scorpio, a place you might find more comfortable and supportive. At that time, your ideas will less likely be challenged and dissected as they will be earlier in the month.

Blame Mars in Libra, a tricky, challenging place for Mars to be when opposite your Sun. Mars will provoke any resentments that any of your partners in love or business may have been harboring. A date to watch in this regard—when your ruling planet Mars will be directly under attack by unpredictable Uranus—is November Listen and say little on this day and the days surrounding it.

Refrain from having a knee-jerk reaction and adding to the chaos. This date will not be the time to shake the tree to see if any coconuts fall out, for they will, and bounce on your head. Carefree distant travel may be on the agenda after the new moon appears on November 26 and the days to follow. When you can take time off and relax, do. With Neptune prominent, be sure details of your trip are correct, for Neptune could add a note of confusion—double-check all preparations. One of your favorite days of the month will be Friday, November 8, when things will go your way.

The transiting moon will be in Aries, and Saturn stability and Neptune creativity, the arts will both be in sync with the Sun, making for a gratifying, happy time. Circle this date on your calendar and use it for something important.

susan miller 2018 sagittarius horoscope

Get the new Astrology Zone app for horoscopes and more on all your devices! Your Horoscope by Susan Miller You will find November to be less strenuous than October, and for that, you will likely be grateful. View Previous Month. Print Horoscope. Daily Astrology Zone With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world.

Pisces Horoscope for November 12222

See Another Sign's Monthly Horoscope:. You will love because Jupiter will be in Sagittarius from the very start of the year until December 2nd, and will broaden your outlook considerably.

Sagittarius is a fire sign like yours, so you will absorb the goodness of Jupiter effortlessly, and see enormous personal growth from this trend…. You will love , because Jupiter will be in Sagittarius from the very start of the year until December 2nd, and will broaden your outlook considerably.


Sagittarius is a fire sign like yours, so you will absorb the goodness of Jupiter effortlessly, and see enormous personal growth from this trend. You will view projects in their largest and most successful panoramic manifestation. Jupiter is in your intellectual ninth house—so all year, you will be coaxed to learn, grow, and share the knowledge that you gain.

The ninth house is closely associated with international travel, as travel is one of the very best ways to learn about the world around you. This trend also includes the possibility of working internationally.

Like last year, your work will be all-consuming. You will be busy taking on more responsibility, and proving that you can handle all that you tackle. In , Jupiter will encourage you to design at least one awe-inspiring adventure by visiting a city or a paradise island that will likely require your passport for entry—and it will be somewhere you always wanted to visit, but were never sure you would be able to see.

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Jupiter not only brings opportunity, but also the means to take advantage of it. Your year will be a thrilling one, with learning, career success, and an increase in industry prestige, along with breathtaking travel and growth in your love and family life.