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Your Monthly Horoscope

Friends feature heavily on the weekend, when someone older may wish to get to know you better. Are you looking at your long-term plans?

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Stay in contact with foreign or distant links. Why not spread some luxurious, exotic fare before your love, and have the bedroom sweetly perfumed for love. Keep the Kama Sutra handy! You need some thinking time yet.

Daily Horoscope

You may consult with people higher in the food chain to get advice in the midweek, when someone will bring unusual ideas or strategies to the arena. Take it all on board.

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Friday brings benefits both to your health and wellbeing and to the general feeling at work. Have friends over to dine on the weekend.

Pisces Love Horoscope: Free Pisces Love Horoscopes and Romantic Astrology

Your mate has never looked so good! What is driving your sexual needs?

There is potential for new relationships to develop over the next few weeks. Explore your sexual preferences, and if it comes down to food, organic asparagus can improve your sex drive! If not, turn your thoughts to motivational literature and then press on. Sexual delight will bubble to the surface as the Moon stimulates your opposite sign on Thursday and Friday, as passionate Mars stimulates your seventh house of partnership. Are you ready to commit?

Invite others to join in the fun. Money or the erotic side of life comes to the fore.

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  4. Be sure you understand what others are doing or looking for. Enjoy a break from the usual routine as you find an undiscovered location. Someone exotic appears on the scene, so make the most of it! Professionally, you have an increased appetite for calculations and strategies and, above all, you crave action.

    In terms of physical tonus, you are not quite in an energetic boom, but you have an unexpected resistance to stress. Irascibility gets the better of you at the beginning of the month, hence the predisposition to fight with your partner. At work, you have a lot of initiative spirit and you are creative, very open to evolution.

    Pisces Daily Horoscope

    Towards the end of the month, some unexpected collaborations may occur. You risk physical accidents when you are going on trips! The workplace is neither a place where you can feel the stars on your side because focusing is more difficult than ever. Rest as much as you can! Try to extinguish the conflicts and to look at the bright side of things!

    You enjoy many satisfactions in love, both sexual and emotional. The single Pisces natives no longer refrain from flirting and they can meet a potential partner. At work, you have a good organizational capacity and you manage to make an excellent impression in front of your superiors. Your great physical shape allows you to become more active and to use your exuberant energy in a constructive manner.

    For you, the month of September is a period full of romance and a lot of love. The relationships involving long trips are favored for the single natives. The Pisces natives start October with left-footed in their personal life, being more irritable than ever. Indeed, you will have many opportunities to climb the ladder of career success since Jupiter will move through your professional 10th house until December 2. But with all of this work-related energy happening, will you have time for love?

    In fact, your social and romantic connections are a significant theme for thanks to the eclipses flanking this axis of your chart. If you're single, this eclipse can change everything.