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Nifty 50 Index started with a base value of on November 3rd, I believe, that your predictions will hit the desired targets. But today, 27 th November, ….. But today, 27th November ….. Each day, Nifty Index trading starts from M to M Monday to Friday. Denis Siegel….. OK, here goes.

Video & Screenshots

The information Malayali gave will hopefully help those of you who are more familiar with how markets work. I know in Vedic astrology Jupiter is the great beneficent and Saturn the great Malific and in this case Jupiter is opposing itself and later conjuncting Saturn also in Vedic astrology there is no use of the outer planets, Pluto, Uranus or Neptune.

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This little period of instability would have gone on until mid-late February of and then there would have been a period when investors would have felt safer again, and been lulled back into complicity. The big wake up call being this fall.

NIFTY रानी 8th MAY? SEMINAR-KOL-25/26MAY/BANGALORE-8/9JUNE #96812oo2oo

The good news for NIFTY is this market is very strong, and really its the global market that is causing problems here, right now. Those problems will get worked on, even fixed over the next few years.

Stock Market Prediction (Today and Tomorrow) - The Vedic Astrology Way

This will cause a big adjustment in the market at the time and by May of will very likely lead to value being lost in the market, especially companies that deal in technology, communication or communication related jobs. I wonder if this will be because laws will be passed in the US giving domestic companies greater incentive to hire US citizens instead of outsourcing these types of technology related and communication related jobs to India, reversing the current trend. So watch for that in the next four years. So I would say to anyone at that time, pull your money out well before that time, and put it in something safe or in another market until this market goes through its period of adjustment.

Share Market Predictions for Wednesday, October 09, 12222

It could be the climate crisis, a major famine or drought or natural disaster, something that will impact everyone and make trade, business and the economy seem very small by comparison. You are great.

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You did a great job. There are still doubts???

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  6. Your true fan, follower, friend… or what ever it is…. Thanks a lot. Long live all Americans… Malayali : an Indian.

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    5. Sorry, I am also a Malayali, hence interested in it and read it. If the date of birth and time of NSE is not correct all deductions will go wrong. Malayali had given earlier many incorrect informations; then corrected. That is why I doubt the birth date.

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      Can you give recommendations on books on Tarot, or ways to study Tarot? You said you learned from the Brotherhood of Light. Nature has provided us a tool in the form of planetary motion, and we should utilize it and not ignore it. I have been giving a list of 10 stocks for the year ahead to invest. This list handily beat SP for so many years.

      Predicting The Nifty & Sensex – Institute of Financial Astrology

      Unfortunately this list has not produced encouraging results in the past year due to sudden correction in the market in October Since I do not expect to be a favourable year to invest in the stock market I have decided to hold on from giving a fresh list for the year I also feel that there will be a few severe corrections and recoveries in the year and Therefore one can make money only if one can follow the trend by investing in the indexes rather than buying and holding individual stocks. As usual, please note that I do not recommend anybody to buy or sell any of the stocks based on my Astrological ideas.

      I do not have any vested interest in any particular index or stock or the sector of the stock or commodity markets, though may have time to time investments in one or more stocks or index or commodities as a normal investor. Readers will themselves be solely responsible for any of their investments or trading in the indices, stocks or in future contracts in the stock markets and for any financial gains or loss arising out of it. The courses are prepared only for educative purpose based on the research done on the past action of the markets, and any past success is not indicative of future success for any method taught through the course.

      Although any method can succeed in future only if it succeed in the past but still past success does not guarantee any future success for any method taught within the course.