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That has been the well known limitation of many astrologers brought up in Sanskrit traditions, to whom we are grateful for making available to us these compilations. Yet, to accept their interpretations and even translations blindly is to ignore their terrible limitations. Sample some out of hundreds of such instances.

Try these and you like me will have admiration for these pandit compilers for giving great books and also get amused by their knowledge of predictive astrology!! They sprang from a background where the benefits of the liberal education given through English medium which makes us ask questions was totally absent.

The habit of questioning authority for a statement and the difficulty of accepting anything unless it is proven made the students who studied through English medium very rational and scientific. Raman was a product of such an education like most of us. Raman knew that some of pandits had good knowledge of astrology but their interpretations of some shlokas and their mangled meaning of some sutras, particularly of Jaimini never proved correct in actual application.

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A practical approach to astrology with sound predictive technique was what was needed. It is astrologers brought up in the English medium education who alone could do it and did it. In many private conversations with me till we parted company in , Dr.

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Raman told me of his experiences. Reading Dr. Raman because of which his books never attracted me till my jyotish guru,Yogi Bhaskaranandji, told me that Dr. Raman taught astrology scientifically through his books and had a remarkable record of great war time predictions which were world class.

Left to myself, I rank Dr. Raman as the second best in the world after the late Hardeo Shastri Trivedi who wrote only in Hindi and was not noticed in the world of astrology and the world for his unbelievably great mundane predictions. Ofcourse I made this assessment after reading the predictions of these great astrologers who remain unrivalled even now. It is after this that in I read the old issues of the Astrological Magazine and read some of his books with an open mind.

I always found it difficult to accept his explanations because when I recast many of the horoscopes given in his books through Lahiri ayanamsha, I found varga charts showing different planetary positions. But if one were to accept his explanations based mostly on his ayanamsha he could not be faulted for his brilliant logic. I never found him using varga charts which appeared to be a terrible limitation. There was a differencehe was lucid and illustrative in his explanations which the Varanasi pandits could not do in their vast tomes of compilations because they were awful predictors.

Brahma I had ofcourse differences with Dr.

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Raman in the definition of Brahma for example which, he insisted must be in the visible half of a horoscope. His explanation of Maheshwara as the eighth lord from atmakaraka works very correctly and his definition of Rudra as the stronger of the two between the second and the eighth lord from the lagna works more brilliantly if you work on Sthira dasha of Jaimini in tracing illnessness and mishappenings in the life of a person.

See the excellent book on Sthira Dasha by Mrs. Akhila Kumar. What we owe to Dr. Raman is what cannot be repaid is what my jyotish guru told me. Raman Man and Mission.

(PDF) Full text of "Hindu Predictive Astrology BV Raman" | Tech Gnome -

Destiny chose me to repay the debt we owe to Dr. My jyotish guru who was alive when my paper was published in , was immensely pleased with me and blessed me.

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Raman from Bangalore. He was born on 8 th August in Karnataka. His grandfather Late B. Suryanarayan Rao was a famous astrologer of his times and many top British officials and Kings used to consult him.

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He was the teacher of B. Raman and in his guidance B. Raman ji used to remember the shlokas mentioned in the ancient classics since his childhood. A real mess and nothing else. One can see the beauty of his horoscope, the Gajkesari yoga forming on axis is a feature of this horoscope. It is one of those books which I have gone through more than times, and every time I find something new to ponder about astrology and astrologers.

To me it is about giving timing of events; if they are promised in the horoscope and suggest remedial measures; or if the chart says that things can be cured by remedial measures. In ancient classics, there are many traits given for a person to be an astrologer which vary from his personal life to ethics and social responsibilities. An astrologer should practice a disciplined life and be free from greed and have faith in God. These are the most important traits. He should be a Sattvic person altogether. He should not demand money, but remain happy in whatever the questioner pays him.

But, we see so many people doing astrology worldwide whose lives do not fall in the criteria of "Sattvik" lifestyle. Then why their predictions are as good as those who follow ethical life? What is the power that gives them the edge to foresee future events, right as well as wrong at times? India is a huge nation and in this nation, it is not only about astrologers who predict future correctly, but also about saints, Siddha-Purusha, village astrologers, people doing "Panch Pakshi" Vidya, etc.

In present age of so-called development where marriages break in a year or two many times; children throw their parents out of the home; corruption prevailing from highest to the grass root level; dowry deaths increasing and female foeticide on an overall high in our nation - how can we expect people to be as prescribed in our ancient scriptures?

We are living in Kaliyuga. As I am practicing astrology, I follow certain things in my life and do not follow many.

Bangalore Venkata Raman - The great Hindu Astrologer

This is the case with almost all astrologers. I have seen it as I am from the same field. But, I see that everyone is doing predictions and suggesting remedial measures, and it is working for some and not working for some. So, by and large a person into astrology becomes good for some and becomes quack for others. The point which Lt. Shree B. Raman Ji has hinted in his book is - when he was going through favorable Dasa and Antras his predictions were going very good and when he was not going through favorable periods, his predictions were not so brilliant.

This book most likely came in , as it has foreword by "A. Somnath Iyer", dated A few excerpts from the same book:. Now-a-days, there are so many occupations one can do, morality level to its lowest. The wrath caused by so-called women empowerment is so destroying the word - family, in all its meanings, and things people are asking to astrologers are so shameful that I cannot even mention, where does the ethics part remain in humans?

Are astrologers some other people? No, it is not like that. Here, I would like to quote from Lt.

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Shree K. I don't remember the edition, it is a big issue with the readers.