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Aries: March 21 - April 20

Today, Scorpios are internally ready for dialogue, but do not forget that formally it can be controlled by the other side. In partnerships, it is desirable to emphasize not sympathy and similarity of beliefs, but their reliability and readiness for constructive negotiations. View: Scorpio Monthly Horoscope. Today, Sagittarius benefits practicality, meticulousness and modesty. This is not the time to flaunt your authority. It does not hurt to listen to sensible advice when they come from a loyal assistant or an experienced professional.

For help, it is best to contact a reliable, familiar service or trained personnel. If you are an entrepreneur, it is worth considering returning one of the former employees to the staff. View: Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope. The advice of an old friend or colleague may influence your decisions — but it is also possible that you yourself will act as an indispensable consultant in a difficult matter and this will determine your future.

Your advantage in any conversation will be professionalism, experience and restraint. View: Capricorn Monthly Horoscope. Today, Aquarius is better to adhere to the rules of communication, to observe saving formalities, to avoid gullibility. Restraint does not interfere even at home, for example, on a family council. It is advisable not to be late, to have the necessary papers with you, to use sound arguments. In complex cases, it is safer to keep intriguing silence.

Care is needed when discussing topics related to status and housing.

View: Aquarius Monthly Horoscope. The day will help Pisces to be consistent, assiduous and bring things to the end.

Money & Career

Even the inherent dreaminess of many Pisces will not be a hindrance. This is the right time for extensive negotiations, clarifying consultations, repeat visits, for checking your own guesses, for working with texts, payment and other documents, and correspondence. By evening, difficulties with concentration are expected. View: Pisces Monthly Horoscope. Autumn flowers look most beautiful in the rays of the setting sun in the thickening twilight, near the steps of the palace, on a path covered with moss, or under a set of woven vines. If you neglect the weather or do not choose the right place, the spirit weakens and dissipates Yuan Zhonglan.

Arrange weddings, move, go on a trip — all this will be accompanied by luck. On this day, it is advisable to do something significant. Presentations, advertising, holidays — all this do not spare money and energy. Is it possible to determine the fate and character of a person by date of birth horoscope? Yes, science astrology allows us to do this. The nature and habits of a person directly depend on the date of his birth. Someone is born stubborn, and someone is shy. One extreme and parachute jumps, while others prefer a quiet and safe home. We are all different! And each person is unique in his own way.

Aries fire — bright and burning, hot and passionate. Planet Aries — warlike Mars. Taurus belongs to the elements of the Earth, which gives practicality, patience, responsibility, reliability and a craving for nature. The planet of Taurus is a charming and elegant Venus. You should look twice at investment schemes that are presented to you today. Friends and family members take up most of your time. Past happy memories will keep you busy.

Do not be outspoken and emotional during business meetings-you can easily damage your reputation if you do not control your speech. Some of you will undertake a distant journey-which will be hectic-but highly rewarding. An old friend of yours might come and remind you the old beautiful memories with your spouse. A situation with a child or lover can have much more to it than meets the eye.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 22nd February 12222

Judgment about money may be off, and the tendency today is towards excess. Creatively speaking, your ideas are quite brilliant, but you may not have all the resources, mainly time, to implement them just yet. Work on emotional self-control today, but keep yourself busy. You are persuasive, and others want to get to know you. People are drawn to you magnetically as Venus and Pluto come together, and since this alignment occurs in your communications sector, it can be through what you say or write.

Conversations, shared interests, projects, and matters to do with the mind can bring you together now.

My Today's Horoscope: Free Zodiac Forecast | Birthday Horoscopes Today

You can experience much enthusiasm about an idea today, dear Sagittarius, although emotions can be up and down. Do aim to consider the practical side of a situation before investing too much of yourself, time, and resources into an endeavor. It might help to remind yourself of your usual limits, and while pushing them a little can be useful, try not to push too far. Some moderation is appropriate now and can turn a potentially awkward day into a happy, rewarding one.

New insights into money matters or business affairs can emerge. You may be getting over a hump related to money and time. You may get the opportunity to make full use or display of a resource or talent. There is a tendency to put too much weight or energy into a particular line of thought or plan, dear Capricorn, which can be a little premature.

Mental restlessness may be at the root of this as Jupiter forms a tense square aspect to Mercury and challenges you to stretch your mind.

Sagittarius Dates of Birth

Be sure you have all the facts before you move forward with something important to you. Your trust that others understand you can lead to miscommunications. Avoid making and investing in promises.

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Even though judgment can be off in the first half of the day, take this opportunity to dream up new possibilities. As well, Venus and Pluto align in your sign later today, and passions run high. You may very well get away with just a little more than usual! Frustrations with current conditions can ultimately stimulate you to make profoundly meaningful changes. You can turn a difficult situation right around if you put your mind to it.

This can be a time for attracting what or who you want. There is some need to watch for a tendency to exaggerate, promise too much, or neglect practical details today, dear Aquarius. Optimism can lead you to take on more than you can reasonably handle. When energy levels drop back to normal, you may not appreciate having too much on your plate! Generosity is rewarding, but extravagance is costly. Desires increase and can overpower you at times today, making it especially important to channel them constructively.

Unusual desires can be discovered now, and they can motivate you to seek out new ways of expressing yourself. There can be sudden, revealing moments when feelings seem to emerge out of nowhere. Memories can be intense and mostly pleasant—motivating, even. Indeed, self-awareness can help you avoid going too far.

Watch particularly for a tendency to say too much or to take on too many projects or commitments on personal and professional levels. You are ambitious these days, but you need to remind yourself of the limits of time and energy — even of your enthusiasm. Think in bigger terms, and then refine them later. A Venus-Pluto aspect is also in play now, favoring digging deep and discovering your needs and desires. Love feelings are dominant today, and for some, this can be the time for meeting someone through a friend or network who can have a significant impact on your life, or for reconnecting with someone important to you.

Alternatively, you might connect with your own sincere desire to work towards a dream or cause. Above are astrological event highlights for the day. Full Horoscopes are at Cafe Astrology. The purple marker above shows where we are in the current moon phase cycle. This is a time for seeking out balance, harmony, and peace. There could be a stronger focus on a relationship, partner, or potential partner. The ability to see both sides of a situation or story is a positive, but indecision can be a byproduct.

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  8. This is a sociable, artistic Moon. We could be feeling out of sorts. We are especially sensitive to subtle planes, but may not be able to make sense of what we perceive. We could be impractical just for now. We could feel burdened, restricted, or limited during this brief influence. We could be feeling a little down on ourselves, excluded, or lonely.

    There can be some awkwardness or stiffness and difficulty showing affection and feelings. What we feel and what we think we should do can be at odds with one another temporarily. There can be discontent or indecisiveness. Tensions will pass. There may be clinging or controlling behavior if we are driven by our fears. Hypersensitivity and moodiness are possible. Tread lightly with tricky emotional issues. A great time to take up new feel-good opportunities. Show your confidence and optimism and reap the rewards.

    It can be difficult to be objective at this time.

    We should think before we speak, or there could be hurt feelings. Romantic matters can be unsettled, or we can be a little insecure in our relationships. It can be difficult to show restraint. An indulgent, moody time. Deeper feelings emerge suddenly, and possibly in a disruptive way. We may be over-reacting or going to extremes.

    Wait for the tension to subside before taking action. Questions are raised, discussions can become heated, and there can be nervous excitement now. Enthusiasm is likely, but may go a little too far. Impulsive speech or other communications. Mechanical breakdowns are possible.

    Mentally pushing the limits — overassimilation. Interest in learning and travel. Overconfident judgments. Your interactions with others may be intense right now.