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A benefic Mars means physical as well as mental stability.

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On December 23, , at Mars will transit into zodiac sign Pisces. The red planet will continue to stay there till February 05, up to This transit of Mars will affect all the zodiac signs.

Jupiter Sign Table to 2022 - Find Yours

Those belonging to the Aries sign might experience a decline in their health during this transit period. Health issues related to blood are foreseen in this duration. You might have to plan a few personal or professional trips during this period, against your wish. Abstain from taking mental stress due to avoidable and unnecessary circumstances.

Sign changes of Venus between 1900 and 2036

Some might get trapped in legal issues which might be a wee bit tough to overcome from. Siblings, especially brothers of the native of this sign might benefit while this transit lasts. Newly forged relations with foreign lands during this transit period might yield benefits in the long run. Folks of Taurus sign can expect earnings from foreign sources and hospitals during this transit.

You might also get an insurance policy in this period. Major sources of income can be expected to open-up for you during this transit period. Try to maximise your savings for the rainy days as much as possible. Your spouse or professional partner might be the source of profits for you in this duration too. The health of your children is expected to be affected during this time period.

Children might feel anxious and undergo random and sudden mood swings. The easily irritable nature of children might lead to a disturbed atmosphere at home.

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This might prove to be a challenging period for the children hence, try to give them time and give them a patient ear. Professionally, your authority might undergo a substantial increase. You are expected to climb up the professional ladder during this period. The planet Mars might induce you with an authoritative and commanding nature, himself being in the shadows and showing its traits.

Your hard work will be appreciated and you will gain the credit for your considerable work. Abstain from actions taken in anger and keep a tab on your aggression. Rushed decisions and impulsive nature might land you in trouble during this period. Try to establish an equilibrium between your personal and professional life as your increased involvement in work might turn your relationships sour. The health of your children might suffer during this period. Try to handle situations at your domestic front with utmost patience and maturity as relationships might get disturbed because of your grouchy nature.

Remedy: Feed green fodder to cows. Also donate gram pulse and jaggery on Tuesdays. Those belonging to the sign Cancer might be able to make the most of this period of Mars transit. Those looking forward to pursue higher education in foreign lands might get a head start in this period.

Long trips during this period are also on the cards. You can expect your luck to be completely in your favour in this duration. Long stuck work might gain momentum and success in upcoming endeavours can also be expected during this transit period. Your children are predicted to flourish during this period.

They will be able to do well in academics and gain results as per their desire in this period. Try to keep your expenses low in this period as they might lead to financial loss in near future. Pay close attention towards the health of your mother as it might decline during this transit period. Your relationship with younger siblings might get hampered too. This transit might bring health issues to those belonging to the sign Leo.

The health of your father might also decline during this period as health issues related to blood are quite possible during this period. Try to pay attention to even the slightest of symptoms and exercise caution wherever possible. Unexpected professional gains are foreseen during this period.

Transit of Planets in , Panchang - Shrivinayaka Astrology

Injuries might happen in this duration hence, drive with utmost care. Petty issues with your in-laws might crop up during this period. If you find yourself surrounded by emotional drama and histrionics, take the high road by being gentle, kind and respectful towards others, while managing your own emotions yourself. Open-hearted vulnerability and leveling are always the best approach when we find ourselves—or those around us—going through a metamorphosis.

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Yearly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

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How prescient she was in 1995!

Even the most chaotic situation holds a blessing in disguise, and the truth will set you free. This is a crossroads, and there may be detours, whether literally or metaphorically. As Jupiter retraces its steps , a chance to embody the lessons of the previous months—while Jupiter was transiting the initial shadow phase—and discover a deeper truth appears. Avoid premature judgment, for better or worse. And there will be even more to learn as Jupiter stations direct and moves out of its shadow period.

The journey is the destination. Be philosophical and objective and you can learn what you need to know to make wise choices. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a seeker of knowledge and wisdom.

There could be a desire now to dive deeper into religious, esoteric, psychological, philosophical, or higher studies—and question spiritual and religious beliefs. At its essence, this is a spiritual journey, recalibrating and realigning you with an inner navigation system, and the knowing that guides you. Jupiter retrogrades in your ninth house, highlighting themes surrounding international travel, higher education, legal matters, philosophy, psychology, publishing, religion, and spirituality.

You have freedom—but what do you want, and where are you going? Be very honest with yourself and keep sight of the big picture. At its essence, this is a spiritual journey, realigning you with your inner compass and rediscovering your faith. Jupiter stations retrograde in your eight house, suggesting there are huge changes unfolding in a financial situation, sexual partnership, marriage, or something that feels larger than life.

But if you feel divided, investigate, before you make life-changing decisions. This is a chance to make choices that take you closer to a dream of financial or personal freedom. Believe in yourself and have faith—the situation is evolving as it needs to. Jupiter entered your relationship zone late last year, opening the door to relationships that have the ability expand your world and be positive influences.

If partners seem like they are stalling or backtracking, avoid premature judgment for better or worse. You can have the freedom, commitment and the security you desire.

Jupiter Retrograde in Sagittarius: A Time to Discover a Deeper Truth

Be honest with yourself first, the better to allow you to be honest with others, and open to receive the love and support that is present. Jupiter stations retrograde in your sixth house of work, selfless service, daily routines, and health—mental, emotional, physical, and most importantly spiritual. Changes at work, a health matter, or in your life are asking you to step back to look at the bigger picture.

You have a lot to give. But does your life give you joy? You can live a life that is rewarding and aligns with an inner truth.